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  Event-driven is no a good choice for lua programming.Coroutine is a better choice.

On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 19:04, Lloyd <> wrote:


I would like to know the following kind of thing is possible with Lua. I am trying to implement a simple event driven system. Lets start with a sample

--My script

function MyEventHandler1(EventObj obj)
--some action mechanism

function MyEventHandler2(EventObj obj)
--some action mechanism

The above may not be a working Lua script, but I am trying to depict my idea.

"MyEventHandler1,MyEventHandler2" are two event handler functions which receives an event object, which is thrown by the "Event1" or "Event2". There will be a function "Event1" implemented in C. I would like to know whether there is a mechanism to throw Events from the functions like "Event1" and handle it using the above said method.

The above may not be a good solution, is there is any better way for doing an event driven program.


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