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It has been a bit over a year since I released  the first version and
field-tested it on

It can be found at

There are two big features in this release:
- A self-contained version. It comes with all the libs and lua itself
packaged with a (clumsy) script to install it all together
- A "dual core" system that uses either lua coroutines(with copas) or
posix forks to handle incoming connections.

Which method is used can be changed easily in the config file.

I have switch the coroutine shceduler from LOOP to Copas trying to get
some more performance for MailCatch, and it seems to indeed be a tad
faster (I am still using LOOP for the OO aspect though).
The forking version is a big step higher in responsiveness based
on the traffic I get, which is in the tens of mails/sec and can go up
to nearly one hundred sometimes.
All that on a punny celeron 1.33Ghz, which I believe is quite nice.

I have submited a rockspec for it, so it should hopefully be soon
available that way too.

Have fun!

PS: I have a POP3 server in the works too if that interest people
PS2: Yes lua still rocks enough to make SMTP and even POP3 fun ;>