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Does anyone know how to build SciTE with MinGW to work with SciTEDebug to debug Lua?

I got this from
For this release, you will need a fresh version of SciTE which exports
its Lua symbols and has loadlib enabled. The latest public release is :
SciTE 1.75.

Then google 'scite export lua symbols' gets this, but I can't decode it
( from
We had a discussion some time back about this; it is a cool idea for
the SciTE executable to export all the Lua library functions, so that
Lua extensions like Lua File System can be just dropped in, no
problems. This is relatively straightforward in Windows, because one
can explicitly export functions with __declspec(dllexport) (usually
hiding behind EXPORT or some such). Under Linux, -rdynamic does the
same job but this exports _everything_ and it really makes a
difference to executable size.
I find it easier just to link to the Lua library on my system rather than building Lua into SciTE. I find it relatively straightforward in Linux :)
Take care,

Fortunately, there's always an obscure command-line flag to the rescue
;). I added these flags to the link:

-rdynamic -Wl,-retain-symbols-file lua.txt

where lua.txt is a list of the symbols we want; it's easy to make this using
nm -g ../bin/SciTE | grep 'lua' > lua.txt

This brings my executable to just over a meg, which is pretty good
going. And lfs loaded no problem.

steve d.