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Thanks for continuing your excellent work on luasocket. It's become a
required part of most of my lua efforts.

I noticed that "unix.c" didn't get updated to include the function
name changes from "opt_linger", etc to "opt_set_linger".

This prevents the unix domain socket support file from compiling.

I'll be performing more comprehensive tests and review in the upcoming
days and will provide feedback if necessary.

Thanks again,


On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 4:41 AM, Diego Nehab <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am placing the release candidate for LuaSocket 2.0.3 for public scrutiny
> at
> This is a bugfix release that hopefully corrects all known bugs. Here is a
> list
> of improvements:
>    * Fixed: multicast didn't work on Windows (Herbert Leuwer, Adrian
> Sietsma)
>    * Fixed: select() reports an error when called with more
>      sockets than FD_SETSIZE (Lorenzo Leonini)
>    * Fixed: mime.unb64() returns empty string on results that start
>      with a null character (Robert Raschke)
>    * Fixed: HTTP now automatically redirecting on 303 and 307 (Jonathan
> Gray)
>    * Fixed: sleep(-1) could sleep forever wasting CPU. Now it
>      returns immediately (MPB);
>    * Fixed: manual links to home.html changed to index.html (Robert Hahn)
>    * Improved: FTP commands are now sent in upper case to
>      help buggy servers (Anders Eurenius)
>    * Improved: known headers now sent in canonic
>      capitalization to help buggy servers (Joseph Stewart);
>    * Improved: Clarified tcp:receive() in the manual (MPB);
> As usual, feedback is welcome.
> Kind regards,
> Diego