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We are pleased to announce the latest release of wxLua.

wxLua is a stable bugfix release that is a minor update to
the internals of wxLua. The precompiled versions are linked against
wxWidgets 2.8.10.

wxLua is a Lua scripting language wrapper around the wxWidgets
cross-platform GUI library. It consists of an executable for running
standalone wxLua scripts and a library for extending C++ programs with
a fast, small, fully embeddable scripting language.


The wxLua "big picture"

Lua is an ANSI C compatible scripting language that can load and run
interpreted scripts as either files or strings. The language itself is
very dynamic and contains a limited number of data types, mainly
numbers, strings, and tables. Perhaps the most powerful feature of the
Lua language is that the tables can be used as either arrays or as
hashtables that can contain numbers, strings, and/or subtables.

wxLua adds to this small and elegant language the power of the
wxWidgets cross-platform GUI library. This includes the ability to
create complex user interface dialogs, image manipulation, file
manipulation, sockets, displaying HTML, and printing to name a few.


 wxLua ChangeLog

 version  (released 05/25/2009)

 - Updated Lua to 5.1.4

 * Changed the %typedef binding to work as the C/C++ typedefs work.
   The usage is reversed from how it was in previous versions.
   You will need to swap the parameters for it in your bindings.
   Example: %typedef long wxTextCoord
 - Added more C/C++ operators in the bindings.
 - wxLuaEdit now prints values in the console like the Lua executable.
 * Changed signature of wxLuaState::RunBuffer() to take a const char*
   instead of an const unsigned char*, cast to (const char*) as appropriate.
 - Allow wxLuaState::RunString/Buffer() and friends to allow for values left
   on the stack. The default is to leave none as before.
 - Added wxTextUrlEvent to the bindings.
 - Fixed double -> unsigned integer using all 32 bits conversion.
   Fixes wxSTC_MASK_FOLDERS problem, thanks to Andre Arpin.
 - Allow multiple inheritance in the bindings. Changed members of
   wxLuaBindClass to reflect that base class info are stored in arrays.

    John Labenski