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Marco Antonio Abreu wrote:
I'm using ADO connection.

Ok, and Sam is right. Since you're using the ADO driver, everything goes through LuaCOM, and it assumes that the strings are encoded in utf-8, so your latin1 strings get scrambled.

AFAIK, LuaCOM has no way to specify the encoding to use, so you could try to: - Persuade your ADO connection to do a conversion from latin1 to utf-8, so LuaCOM does not scramble your strings. I think it is possible to do that with the connection string that is supplied when you connect. (And if it is possible to persuade your mysql connection to accept your utf-8 input, you're done. Else, you could see if the new ICU library is of any help here)


- Recompile LuaCOM to use latin-1 instead of utf-8. It surely will break other things if you use it to work with other COM components.