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Hello Lua,

thanks for answers on Win32 API question. i just develop another
Explore context menu extension and prefer to move as much as possible
from C code (i hate manual mem management)

my next question is about Lua executable/library size. i've downloaded
almost all LuaBinaries for windows. they have very different sizes:  (dll)   122 kb  (dll)   153 kb  (a)   210 kb   (lib)   445 kb   (lib)   475 kb

now i use the last, that adds ~280 kb to my program. it's a bit
overkill for me, so i wonder how to reduce it - does it mainly depend
on compiler, compilation switches, something else?

i can't understand why VC9 dll is just 150kb while VC9 lib adds 280 kb
to the program

and the last question - does *standard* Lua libraries provide way to
catenate two arrays?

Best regards,