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Hello fellow Lua users,

I'm working on a resend implementation for my prototypical object
system, but I have a slight problem because of tail calls.  Observe the
following implementation:

local object = {}

function object:clone()
  local o = {__index = self}
  return setmetatable(o, o)

function object:parent()
  return self.__index

function object:resend(...)
    local name = debug.getinfo(2).name
    local self = self:parent()
    return self[name](self, ...)

local foo = object:clone()
local bar = foo:clone()

function foo:baz()
    print 'In foo.baz'
    return 5

function bar:baz()
    print 'In bar.baz'
    -- can't tail call resend!
    -- ideally, this would be return self:resend()
    local v = self:resend()
    return v


Since Lua doesn't preserve debug information across tail calls, resend
will fail if you try to tail call it.  I'm tempted to change my Lua
implementation to preserve the name field in the case of method calls;
can anyone give me a good example of why this would be a *bad* idea?
Given no such examples, I'll go ahead and do it.  The only alternative
I see is raising an error if a user tries to tail call resend, but
that's obviously suboptimal.

Rob Hoelz