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Diego - Red Baires wrote:
myDate = "05/21/2009";
if ( < myDate) then
  print "myDate is in the future";
is this correct ?
will this work to all locales ?
what about comparing times ? (i mean, if a time is between two values)

Diego, your best bet is to convert the date into a time. You'll need to extract the month, day, and year, then pass that into os.time().

function date2time(s)
   local m, d, y = s:match("(%d+)/(%d+)/(%d+)")
   if not y then
      return nil, "improper date format"
   return os.time({ year = y, month = m, day = d })

t = assert(date2time("05/21/2009"))

Then you may compare these values.


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