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Hello John,

Wednesday, May 6, 2009, 3:55:36 PM, you wrote:

> I had a think about this for my Grunt project - there is code in the
> published version (on luaforge) for generating a Windows menu on-the-fly
> from a Lua table, but I use it in a system tray icon rather than an explorer
> extension.

thanks, i will take a look

> Problem I ran into with explorer extensions is that they expect to be in
> small DLL files with a different DLL for each type of extension. With a
> scripting solution you really want one Lua environment for all your
> extensions so they can communicate and for performance and code size
> efficiency. I concluded that this was a "non-trivial" job that would require
> a service running the Lua environment and lots of little DLL stubs which
> would communicate across process with the server.

instead of multiple dlls we can use multiple Lua scripts. DLL code
will watch Lua files and immediately reload updated scripts

OTOH, if one need to deploy this lib with his own application, he just
need to replace GUID in config file and voila - this DLL instance will
be independent on every other installed in the system

Best regards,