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On May 5, 2009, at 9:10 AM, steve donovan wrote:

On Tue, May 5, 2009 at 7:21 AM, Petite Abeille <> wrote:
--> Don't use the "module" function.


Nonsense :)

But, seriously, the point about everybody putting stuff into standard
tables willy-nilly is valid.

Well, Objective-C had the concept of "category" [1] for the longest time, and it hasn't collapse on its own weight yet. If you have access to Mac OS X, take a look at how many methods are stuffed in the root class, NSObject...

But, to paraphrase Stan Lee, with great power comes great responsibility... "How you Use Categories" [2]

[2] /apple_ref/doc/uid/TP30001163-CH20-TPXREF141