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If you want to be pedantic, UTC and GMT are not identical, nor is UTC derived from GMT. UTC is an internationally-based time scale, based on contributions by multiple national time/frequency standards that are based on, e.g., cesium clocks and other intrinsic standards, whilst GMT is based on solar time. When these get out of whack, leap seconds are required to keep the time scales roughly aligned.

If you keep time by looking at your wristwatch, you can probably just ignore the difference and dismiss me as a crazy person. If you notion of timekeeping routinely extends into the sub-millisecond regime and beyond, well, you worry about this stuff. I spent a lot of time working on an early NTP implementation, and keeping an accurate clock is harder than you think. But that's usually the case with most things..


On May 4, 2009, at 12:35 PM, John Hind wrote:

And -5 hours from Greenwich, UK the true centre (rather than center!) of the
universe and the datum for UTC. So maybe Windows DOES know about UTC?

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there's no concept of UTC in windows, so france is -5 hours from
center of the world'  AKA Redmond, WA.

Redmond and France are 9 hours different, not 5?

I live in: Québec, Quebec, Canada

Which is 3 hours different from Redmond.