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On 05/04/2009 19:06, Bertrand Mansion wrote:
I am working on an interactive demo of Lua based on what was done for
Ruby here:

I still have to write a little step-by-step "tutorial" that
demonstrates what Lua is good at and introduces the Lua syntax. Do you
have any links to an existing short tutorial and/or ideas about  cool
one-liners in Lua ?

I haven't looked at the site (no interest for Ruby, I must confess), but your description reminds me of a site I just discovered yesterday: JavaBat <>

It asks to solve some simple problems (sometime too simple, I solved some "recursive" puzzles with a simple String.replace()...) with a bit of Java code, compiles it, runs it and checks against a set of input/output pairs.

Maybe some of these puzzles can be adapted to your needs.

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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