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On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 4:58 AM, Asko Kauppi <> wrote:
> I remember hearing newproxy mentioned a number of times on the list.
> However, it still has not been added to the documentation, and a short
> glimpse on list archive shows Roberto calling it a "hack".
> Has that status been changed since 2006, or is it going to?

Speaking from a purely pragmatic viewpoint, newproxy is used in many
places and projects now.  (I even came across it the other day reading
the code for the default World of Warcraft scripts.)  If it were
removed from the official language, all those newproxy users would end
up having to implement the exact same thing themselves.  I don't think
they would shrug their shoulders and say "oh well, we'll have to do
without."  It's just *that* useful.