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Peter Cawley wrote:
Section 7 of the manual ("Incompatibilities with the Previous
Version") covers it fairly well at the moment:
True. I guess I missed that. I guess I subscribe to a document-everywhere philosophy: If 90% of the time a particular error message has a particular cause, then I like to put that cause right in the message: "no environment; are you calling a luaopen_* function directly from C?" All-in-all, it didn't take me longer than 15 minutes of searching to find the answer and fix it, but other less stubborn users will see a confusing error message like that and either post a question to the list or, more likely, just give up. But if it's not a priority, I understand. It depends on your documentation/error message philosophy, and your attitude toward beginners. And I'm not here to try to change the documentation philosophy, so I'll shut up now. ;)