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Job title:  Web-oriented desktop software developer

Company:  Serotek Corporation (

Location:  Anywhere


Serotek Corporation is a leading provider of affordable accessibility products and associated Web-based services for people who are blind or have low vision. Our aim is to provide affordable, on-the-go access to computers, the Web, and the digital lifestyle to as many blind and low-vision individuals as possible. Our flagship product, System Access (SA), provides intuitive access to Windows through text-to-speech, magnification, and/or a Braille display. SA is available as a typical licensed product, in software-as-a-service subscription plans, or free of charge via SA to Go ( Our online service, the System Access Mobile Network (SAM Net), complements SA with Web-based email, news, entertainment, and social networking, all designed specifically for blind and low-vision users. We are a small but growing company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US, with staff located around the world.

SA and the SAM Net client software are written primarily in Lua, using a collection of Windows API bindings which have been developed in-house, called LuaWin. Small modules are written in C or C++ when necessary. The user interface uses HTML and JavaScript extensively.

We are seeking a desktop software developer to further develop SA and the SAM Net client software.

Required knowledge and skills:

- Proficiency with Lua 5.1, HTML, and JavaScript

- Familiarity with Internet client programming, including familiarity with TCP sockets and HTTP

Required prior experience:

- Effective use of a modern version control system such as Subversion or Bazaar

- Effective use of an issue/task tracker such as Bugzilla or Trac

Desired knowledge and skills:

- Proficiency with C or C++ on the Windows platform, ideally using the Win32 API

- Proficiency with COM, ideally using both C/C++ and LuaCOM

- Familiarity with event-driven Internet client programming, ideally on Windows, using a framework such as ACE (C++) or Twisted (Python)

- Familiarity with Unicode, UTF-8, and related issues on the Windows platform

- Familiarity with low-level Windows user-mode hacking techniques such as DLL injection and API hijacking or "hooking"

Desired prior experience:

- Desktop and/or Web application development according to accessibility guidelines

- Accessibility testing with a screen reader

- Extending and/or embedding Lua with the Lua C API

- Packaging a desktop application for online distribution to non-technical end-users

- Working with a large, pre-existing code base

- Working with a modern automated build tool such as Ant, MSBuild, SCons, or Premake, outside an IDE

- Working with a continuous integration tool such as CruiseControl or Buildbot

- Working remotely with minimal supervision

To apply for this position, please send your résumé as plain text or HTML to

Matt Campbell
Lead Programmer
Serotek Corporation