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>> If not luarocks then it must be cosmo. I wonder if someone knows a
>> different
>> template engine which is pure lua.

Try version 8.01.22 of Cosmo, which is the last pure-Lua release,
consisting of just one Lua file, whopping 115 lines long.

You can install it with LuaRocks:

luarocks --from= install cosmo 8.01.21

Or, download, unzip
it, and copy lua/cosmo.lua to your Lua path.

IIRC, this version supports all the features described on, except those described in sections
"Arguments" and "Map and Inject". If there is interest in continuing a
pure Lua version of Cosmo, perhaps we could try to add those features
to the Lua version and release it under a different name.

BTW, as suggested by the links above, Sputnik now has a new domain:

 - yuri