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KHMan wrote:
One that I've been using that isn't on that list is part of LuaPlus:

The "LuaPlus Call Dispatcher" is a single header (no Boost or other external libraries) that uses templates to bind C++ functions to Lua. It also has support for binding Lua functions to C++, though I haven't used that yet. Not sure if it's appropriate to add LuaPlus to the wiki, though, since it obviously does a lot more than just C++ binding.

We use LuaPlusCD.h right now in the Playground casual game library, wrapped with a couple of macros to make it even easier:

We may be considering looking at other binding options; I'll dig through the list on lua-users when I get a chance and do some experiments to see which produces the tightest code, unless someone already knows the answer. Since our library is for downloadable (and ActiveX) games, size is a huge consideration--which is a big reason why we chose Lua to begin with, of course. And is also a big reason we don't use the entire LuaPlus distribution--it added another 150k to our footprint. The entire Playground library compresses down to about 500k bytes, so looking at the Qt bindings of multiple megabytes has me a bit worried--though I know Qt is huge in general. I'll see what I find out.

Thanks for the link,