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Herewith I report a succesfull build of lqt master branch version (b480550f85f6186f16b447102f2b9755d035c89e)
under Kubuntu-7.04 Feisty Fawn with gcc-4.1.2, Qt-4.4.3 and
cmake-2.6.2. I hope similar process should work for Kubuntu-8.04 Gutsy.

Here are the gory details:

(1) Kubuntu-7.04 comes with very old cmake. To build lqt one has to
    install cmake version 2.6 or later. Compiling/installing
    cmake-2.6.2 was easy.

(2) Kubuntu-7.04 comes with Qt-4.2.3. After two days of trying to
    compile lqt I gave up on Qt-4.2.3 and compiled/installed the
    latest Qt-4.4.3. IMPORTANT: do *NOT* install new Qt into
    system-wide directories to prevent potential Qt library versioning
    conflicts. I built and installed new Qt into /pkg/Qt-4.4.3
    telling it to ./configure script explicitly> ./configure -prefix /pkg/Qt-4.4.3

(3) To setup correct environment for Qt-4.4.3 I created a simple
    launcher script "" given below

----8<----  file:  ----8<----

export PATH="/pkg/Qt-4.4.3/bin:$PATH"
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/pkg/Qt-4.4.3/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"

exec "$@"


(4) Now read lqt/BUILD file and do the following:> cmake ../lqt> LUA_INIT='' make VERBOSE=1

Setting LUA_INIT='' is needed only in very few cases such as mine when
my pre-existing Lua installation did some heavy lifting at
initialization. In any case it would not hurt.
VERBOSE=1 tell make to spit out comilation commands as they are
exuted. The defualt verbosity level coming from cmake generated
Makefiles is very limited.

(5) Test the lqt build> LUA_INIT='' LUA_CPATH=$PWD/lib/lib?.so ./bin/lua ../lqt/test/webview.lua

Again, most likely you do not need LUA_INIT='' at all.

(6) Enjoy lqt and move the bindings *.so where Lua can find them