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Leo Razoumov wrote:
It seems that Qt-4.2.3 has two declarations of 'q_atomic_test_and_set_ptr' funciton -- one as extern 'C' in qatomic_parisc.h and one as regular C++ function in qatomic_i386.h. GCC-4.1.2 apparently does not like such an ambiguity.

Any suggestions about what I should do to resolve this issue?

Hi Leo,

looks like a problem on the Qt side. A solution is to exclude all
Qt classes from the binding which doesn't work.
Therefore the class has to be added to;f=generator/qt_internal.lua

From you makefile log I see several classes build without problems,
so the chance is high  that you get a working binding after removing
the non-building classes.

In your case you have to start with QBasicAtomic you see the Qt name in
the filename of the binding code:
make[2]: *** [CMakeFiles/qtcore.dir/qtcore_src/qtcore_meta_QBasicAtomic.cpp.o] Error 1

For QBasicAtomic add to qt_internal.lua the line

or c.xarg.fullname=='QBasicAtomic'

and call again 'cmake ../lqt -Dnomerge=1' and make.

You have to repeat this procedure for each class which breaks the build.
Maybe there is a option for make not to stop building when an error occurs,
then you could add the exclusions at one.

Hope this helps.


Your help and advice is greatly appreciated!