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'mydp' is a program for processing mysqldump files in the manner of 'awk'.

It reads mysqldump sql statements from standard input and executes Lua
callback functions as table definitions and insert statements are
encountered.  The Lua callback functions are specified in a file passed
to mydp via the command line, e.g::

    % mydp callbacks.lua < dump.sql > output

The callbacks are typically used to filter and process only a small
subset of the mysql dump data and/or save it for further processing.

mydp is written in flex and Lua 5.1.  It is released under the 2-clause
FreeBSD licence.  The source is kept in a Mercurial repository over
at bitbucket which you can get via::

    % hg clone

You can also browse the documentation here:

Questions and feedback are welcome.

Cimarron Taylor