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 >> > Have you considered just writing a little C code to bind the C
 >> > library's getopt?  
 >> It trivial to implement getopt_long in LUA. I did it for AWK some time
 >> ago, ~150 lines of code. Also the problem with C code is that
 >> getopt_long(3) is not available on Solaris/HP-UX and some
 >> others. getopt_long(3) is not portable.

> Surely getopt_long is not POSIX, however?  I'm confused about your
> requirements, here.

1) to be compatible with
2) provide support for long options like *BSD and
   GNU libc getopt_long(3) functions do.
3) API of getopt_alt.lua looks very good.
   That is I like

    local opts = <prepare things somehow>
    for k, v in pairs(opts) do
       print( k, v )

> Also: Lua is not an acronym, and thus should be capitalised as a
> proper-noun :)

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.