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> I wonder how hard it would be to change the parser so that when a
> table is being indexed with . or :

You can do it easily with token filters. Attached is a token filter written
in C that does that for '.' (but can easily be adapted to handle ':').
* proxy.c
* lexer proxy for Lua parser -- allows reserved words as field names
* Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <>
* 20 Feb 2008 11:48:00
* This code is hereby placed in the public domain.
* Add <<#include "proxy.c">> just before the definition of luaX_next in llex.c


static int nexttoken(LexState *ls, SemInfo *seminfo)
 static int last=TK_EOS;
 int t=llex(ls,seminfo);
 if (last=='.' && t>=FIRST_RESERVED && t<=LAST_RESERVED) {
	seminfo->ts = luaS_new(ls->L, luaX_tokens[t-FIRST_RESERVED]);
 	return TK_NAME;
 return t;

#define llex nexttoken