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Peter Cawley wrote:
    Note that p (the control variable) is changed in the body
    of the for loop, and this works fine in pure Lua.

Well, it shouldn't. Modifying the control variables of a for loop only affects the copy of that variable within the for loop body - not the variable which is passed back into the iteration function (similarly with a numeric for, the control variable is shadowed within the loop body).

That's what I thought reading the PiL manual, but I was not sure
so I tried it. I was a bit surprised that it worked too.

I guess I'll have to keep the function working the way it is
for now, which is OK, I guess.

Also odd is your use of brackets in Lua return statements. This is invalid in vanilla Lua, and misleading if made valid, as a bracketed expression normally produces exactly one value.

Sorry about that - as you might guess, that was not an actual
copy from the file, I retyped that part and got the C syntax
into my Lua expressions. The actual code does not have the brackets.

And yes, I know that I should have copied the actual file contents
instead of retyping, it was just faster, but in the end incorrect
to do it that way. Lesson learned.