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On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 3:30 AM, Shmuel Zeigerman <> wrote:
Remo Dentato wrote:
 The problem is when I try to link the library to the larger program I'm working on. I get the LNK2019 error (symbol unresolved).

Try to #include lua.hpp (find it in 'etc' directory of Lua distribution).

I you are trying to just link against Lua for your own module then maybe I could suggest you get Lua for Windows[1] or the LuaBinaries[2] package that only ships with the link libraries and the headers. Lua for Windows comes with the link libraries and header so you just add '$(LUA_DEV)\include' and '$(LUA_DEV)\lib' to your Visual C++ project settings and it should work great.