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Andrew Wilson wrote:
> I've compiled LuaJit with MSVC 2005, and it seems to work with
> standard 5.1.4 MSVC 8 runtime, the same runtime which Lua for Windows
> uses, the only change necessary was removing function call
> LUAJIT_VERSION_SYM(); from LuaJIT's lua.c that was added to guarantee
> using synced 5.1.4 libraries.
> Mike Pall or any other LuaJit expert:
>  Can LUAJIT_VERSION_SYM(); call safely be removed from LuaJIT's lua.c
> file if you know you've supplied correct .dll & other binaries as in
> Lua for Windows distribution?

The call was put there for a purpose: to make sure the luajit.exe
and the lua51.dll match up. And in particular to make sure you
don't load the lua51.dll from a plain Lua installation by accident.

LuaJIT compiles fine under MSVC out-of-the-box. There should
_never_ be any need to remove this call. If there is, then the EXE
is obviously not loading the right DLL. So better find out why
this happens. If you remove the call, you are curing the symptom,
not the cause.

Note that this is unrelated to the fact that you are attempting to
compile with one MSVC version against the MSVC runtime of another
version. This is a bad idea for various reasons -- don't do it.