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  Hi All,

  We are proud to announce the release of IUP version 3.0 BETA 1.

  IUP 3 is a complete internal refactoring of IUP, while keeping the API
100% compatible with IUP 2.7.

  IUP is now faster, easier to maintain, more flexible for expansion, uses
less memory, has an official and documented internal SDK, new controls, some
additional controls converted to native controls, lots of new features for
the existing controls, abstract layout improvements, removed several
limitations, improved the build system, and a new GTK driver that works in
Windows and UNIX.

  The Win32 and the Motif drivers are still available. Win32 is the default
driver in Windows, GTK is the default in Linux and Darwin, and Motif is the
default in IRIX, AIX and SunOS.

  There are pre-compiled binaries for many platforms as usual, and the Lua
binding is also updated.

  This is still BETA because the IupMatrix and IupTree controls are not
ready. They still need some fixes.

  The final version is expected to be released in January 2009.

  We would like to welcome anyone who decide to test the BETA. Please feel
free to send us comments and suggestions so we can improve it before final.

  We also would like to thank all the folks that tested IUP 3 from CVS. You
gave us valuable feedback and motivation. We started IUP 3.0 2 years and 9
months ago, without your support this would not be possible. Thanks for your
patience too.

Best Regards,
Antonio Scuri