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No problem here. My application has lua 5.1.4 and bitlib built in as a static lib. Tested on both Visual C++ 2005 and GCC 4.

RJP Computing 写道:
On Mon, Dec 8, 2008 at 6:04 PM, Andrew Gorges <> wrote:

I was using with the arguments 3 and 0xFFFFFFFF and it
returned 0, but on Linux, the same function returns 3.  My environment
was the latest Lua for Windows which includes bitlib 25.  Anyone else
having the same issue?

I should chime in here and state that Visual C++ 8.0 project files were not
shipped with the bitlib source so I did my best to convert the makefiles
into VC project files. So it could be a simple build setting is wrong. So if
you have Visual C++ 8.0 and bitlib experiance that would also help.