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Amongst other things, you can provide a handler for any phase of the
request handling chain (ie, quick handler, translate name, map to
storage, check user id, check auth, check access, fixups, etc), either
externalized or directly in the apache config file.

I'd really love for more lua-centric folks to poke it, make
suggestions (provide patches!), both Paul and I are more C centric :-)


On Mon, Dec 8, 2008 at 10:34 AM, Matthew M. Burke <> wrote:
> FYI,
> It looks like mod_wombat (provides Lua scripting for Apache web server)
> will be released as a core module (i.e.  if you download the web server,
> you will get mod_wombat---no need to download it separately).
> As part of this change, it is likely the module will get renamed.
> Mod_lua is not really an option because there are several dead projects
> with that name and it is felt that changing the name of mod_wombat to
> mod_lua will be too confusing.  FWIW, the current lead contender is
> mod_luau.
> Anyway I've not had as much time to work with this module as I'd like.
> The Google Summer of Code project involving mod_wombat never got
> anywhere (the student had to drop out).  But if you are looking to use
> Lua in a web context, I recommend checking it out.
> Matt