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I want to bundle multiple Lua libraries in a single file (i.e. a ZIP file).
Loading Lua files is not the problem but loading DLLs seems to be difficult...
I tried looking how to load DLLs from memory or how to create a VFS but this
seems to go nowhere. 
There exist applications ( that can include DLLs into a
single exe and it is said that these applications load the DLLs from memory and
not from the file system - so there seems to exist a solution... but I haven't
been able to find it till now, or the solution must be quite complex. 
The alternative would be to leave the DLLs out and distribute the DLLs alongside
with the exe - but I would prefer a solution to include all libraries into a
single archive - without extracting these dlls to a temporary file.
Of course I could also link the exe statically with the libraries, but I would
prefer not to do this and could instead simply wrap the DLLs as they come...

Probably not worth the extra work for the minor advantage of having a purely
psychologically cleaner looking distribution, yet I am interested if and how
this could be done - otherwise I'll simply put these DLLs alongside with the
files. Any pointers would be welcome.