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On Tuesday 02, wrote:
> This is all very good and works fine except for one situation: Say a
> thread is yielded while waiting for data, but in the meantime the
> connection is closed or some other error happens and I want to
> immediately stop execution of the thread and clean up the data
> associated with it. The problem is that now I can't get to the data I
> pushed to the stack before starting it, so what I really need is some
> way to resume the thread, but throw an error immediately. I've been
> looking through the manual several times now, but I can't figure out
> how to do that. Am I just blind or is there a good reason this isn't
> possible?

You should be able to just throw an error on the yielded thread without 
resuming it by calling 'lua_error' or 'luaL_error' on the 'lua_State'

Robert G. Jakabosky