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Hi Michal,

>function Greeting()
>local self = {}
>-- Private attributes and methods
>local message = "Good morning"
>-- Public methods
>self.get = function() return message end
>self.say = function() print(self.get()) end
>return self

I disagree with this here. If you're only creating one Greeting object or only a few, it might be okay, but I think that if you create many, you're going to have an issue with memory.

Generally a metatable is used in the following form:

Greeting = {};
Greeting.__index = Greeting;

   local self = setmetatable({}, Greeting);
   self._message = message;
   return self;

function Greeting:get()
   return self._message;

function Greeting:say()

However, there are valid uses for what you specified as well. Both will work; it's up to what you want to do, really. Personally, I'm generally more pressed for memory, so I prefer the metatable approach for frequently used cases.

-- Matthew P. Del Buono