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V S P wrote:
sorry if I caused a stir on this lua to javascript.
Did not mean to.

Don't mind the discussion too much, we're just throwing ideas around. :-) Engineering-wise, your implementation meets your requirements, so it's perfectly good. Discussions are a dime a dozen, so the value of an opinion, like this one, is close to $0.00. Compared to the effort you've expended, of course source code is thousands of time more valuable.

The trouble with complete implementations is that it is usually a non-trivial task, and there is always a shortage of development manpower in FLOSS. Unless someone is able to expend the effort to make such implementations, then we are just shooting ideas and opinions up into the breeze, whereupon they will float prettily about for awhile and then scatter onto the ground, mostly forgotten. It's like confetti, you know...

Lua-Javascript discussions are a common staple, but related source-code is rarely seen -- so obviously you became the center of attention. So don't be sorry, don't worry, join the fun. :-)


Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia