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I've used Lunar for my first steps in Lua because of it's flat learning curve. But now I'm at a point, where with lots of derived classes it seems a little bit ugly to register (redundant) again and again all methods also from derived classes. Example

class A {
   void a();

class B : public A {

and ...

const char A::className[] = "A";
Lunar< A >::RegType A::methods[] = {
	method( A, a ),
	{ 0, 0 }

const char B::className[] = "B";
Lunar< B >::RegType B::methods[] = {
	method( B, a ),
	{ 0, 0 }


Is there a possibility to handle these things easier right in Lunar or do I need another C++ framework to reduce such redundant code? Which framework would you suggest in this case (should be compilable on ARM with WinCE)?

Best Regards