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On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 9:13 AM, John Dunn <> wrote:
> How important do you think it is to conform to pure 'lua-isms' in the script
> API? I'm currently playing some tricks to implement object 'fields'  using
> __index and __newindex so the user can use Control.Value = 5 instead of
> Control:SetValue(5). I originally did this since we were coming from a C
> background and that syntax was more familiar but I'm wondering if having
> non-standard syntax is a good idea.

My two bits.

You aren't playing "tricks". Index and newindex exist for exactly this
purpose. If you present what appears to be a domain specific extension
language natural to your users, but which is actually just lua, you're
using lua as intended, I'd say.

In terms of luaisms, I'd say the Control:SetValue() is the "least"
luaish. But if a (slightly verbose!) object-oriented API fits well
with your domain, then lua lets you implement one.

A simple property-based API is reasonable, too, and in a sense, the
control.value = 5 is more 'luaish", because it makes control look like
a table, the basic lua data structure.