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Alexander Gladysh wrote:
Thanks to everyone who answered my question!

Thanks for the benchmarks, it's always nice to see real data...

                name |     rel |   delta | abs / iter = ms per iteration
            noop_int |  1.0000 |  0.0000 |   8.83 /   50000000 = 0.176600 ms

A minor problem... my brain keeps on doing a mental double-take whenever I see "ms", because I keep interpreting that as milliseconds. "ns" might be easier for the brain to interpret, because for microseconds, one must compare fractions, while for nanoseconds, one can look at the integer portion and quickly get an idea of its magnitude. But it's a minor thing.

Thanks again for keeping the list supplied with benchmark data!

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia