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Hello again.

[insert subject]
The physics engine is Box2d. ( )

This is my current idea for doing this:

    1. Bind a lot of functions/simple classes into Lua.
    2. Build the rest of the physics engine in Lua.

But this is a somewhat large physics engine, so I'm not sure of I would be able to do all of this within a reasonable time-span.

Would something like ToLua or LuaPlus be able to port the whole engine without me having to type an extra 5,000 lines of code? ( I can type pretty fast, but I don't want to spend long nights debugging and such. )
If so, could someone please direct me on how to do this?

--Sgt. Sparky

 If I could get a few people who know how to script in Lua, that would be nice. I need a few testers by Dec. 25th to test out my game engine.
So far, I've had 6 different people come to me and ask if they could test it out. I've said yes, but none of them know how to program in Lua yet.
So if a couple of people (At least 2) could test it out, that would be nice. :D :D :D

I hope to have the documentation created by the first release. :)

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