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> I am sorry in advance if my question seems stupid ;-) but I just would  
> like to better understand the best way to proceed in order to try to  
> solve a problem.

Perhaps you could tell us what problem you're trying to solve.

> Lua is a language and a very fast virtual machine... I would like to  
> try to reuse the efficient virtual machine built-into lua but using a  
> very different syntax (and not the lua language).

You can replace the parsing modules (llex.c, lparser.c, lcode.c) but
you'll need to understand how they work. If you want to use different
tokens but the same abstract syntax, then you can replace llex.c,
which is not hard to do (and you can probably reuse many bits in llex.c).

If you don't want to fiddle with the internals of Lua, try metalua and 
luasub for instance.