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Thanks for the reply, but I'm not sure this is exactly what I'm looking for:

> one way to print errors, but avoid the abortion is to use Lua's error ()
> function together with pcall (). pcall () catches the error and returns the
> message.
> Maybe the assert() function could also be helpful to you.

These functions are all called from Lua, I need something that Lua will call whenever it comes across an error.

> Further I found this presentation from John Belmonte about exception patterns in
> Lua:

Thanks for the link to the presentation, it had a nice list of methods. :)

Is there some sort of function That I could register in Lua or as a hook to print out every single error it comes across to the console?

My application works like this:
1. It gets the file name from the start-up arguments. If one isn't listed, it uses a default file name.

2. It registers all my functions/tables to to the lua state. (HGE, EveR [ my C++ game engine that uses Box2D physics. ], and a few other things)

3. It runs the specified file.

4. It quits after the file is through running. (It doesn't have anything better to do.)

--Sgt. Sparky

:) :) :)

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