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I need some more directions,
I reviewed the web page with list of LuaGrammar stuff
and I tried to get something simple working to see
which ones I could use as base

a) Luabalanced -- works however it recognizes only top-level
things -- like nested comments/tables/lists.  It does not have
an AST representation (it was not its goal anyways)

b)looked at luafish
The last comment said that the most recent work
is using gg/mlp from metalua.

I installed the [luaanalyze-20080925b.tar.gz]
got it to run on the example file -- no problems.
However, there is no documentations/samples on how to use this
(since this is workin in progress).  And I am having difficulties
figuring out out the
basic APIs to walk through the AST, and assign actions (if I need
any for translation).

c) Still having difficulties to get metalua to run on windows
(but the metalua's gg/mlp works in the luaanalyse above -- so I am
thinking when Fabian has time for getting the whole metalua support
for windows/vs 2005/lua 5.1.4 -- I will at least get some knowledge
of dealing with AST using luaanlyze)

d) the other projects listed there were not actively worked on
(or may be I missed some) 

so right now would like to ask if I am going in the right direction
to use luaanalyze as  the base, and if yes, may be somebody can
provide a simple example of how to use it to walk an AST tree
and may be do some simple translations

Again, for my needs, I want to translate If/else  and for loop blocks
of lua code to javascript (very constrained lua code with 3 or 4 
function calls) and basic <  ~=  ==  >  operators within the 
'if  elseif  else' expressions.  Javascript is already typeless
so I am not worrying about 'internal' type of variables, table elements
or any duck-typing issues.

Thanks in advance,

> As an aside, there's a pretty complete list at:
> -- 
  V S P

-- - I mean, what is it about a decent email service?