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I am in the process of porting lua sockets into our VxWork
environment.  We are already using Lua version 5.1.2 and I am trying
to port the LuaSocket 2.0.2.

I observed the LuaSocket's src directory holding some lua files like
(socket.lua, httpd.lua ..etc).  Any body please let me know the
purpose of these files?  Are they required by the lua interpreter to
work with lua sockets?

The .lua files should require no modifications when ported. Do you have
the Lua module system working in VxWork already? Usually, when you
invoke require'socket', it is the socket.lua file that is loaded. This,
in turn, loads the C part of the library. Same goes for require'mime'
and mime.lua. All other .lua modules are optional, and implement
protocols which you may or may not use.