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Hello :-)

Quoting ðÅÔÒÏ× áÌÅËÓÁÎÄÒ <>:

> Hello,
> I work on laboratory equipment control system. In that system we use
> Lua as tool for describing control sequences:

That's very interesting!!! I exactly have the same kind of
project: a scripting platform dedicated to lab experiments

My hobby project is called 'LabWiz' (unfortunately my website is
not opened yet, coming soon...). The goal is to have a dedicated
environment for scientists to let them configure equipments
(connecting directly through sockets, serial line or GPIB or
interfacing with control systems like EPICS / Tango), collect data
via control sequences written in Lua, save data in the HDF5 file
format, have some basic plotting facility, etc.

The sequencer part is based on Lua and makes extensive use of coroutines ;
it is a server application (non-graphical, console based). The client GUI
is written in C++, using FLTK ; it provides a command line interpreter,
plots, file browser etc.
The project compiles under Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

> The question - Is it normal to have 500...1000 coroutines in program ?

I never used some many coroutines at the same time, however
I don't think it is a problem.