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On 19/10/2008 00:19, Antonio Scuri wrote:
IUP is a portable toolkit for building graphical user interfaces.

For some reasons, I neglected this solution for years. Somehow, I thought of it as being bloated and clumsy (don't ask why! but something bloated 10 years ago can be seen as lightweight today, anyway...).

I just downloaded Windows files for CD, IM and IUP, to discover these solutions.
For those interested only to try them quickly, the file actually contains the three packages and the Lua runtimes... (makes sense!)

I took the CHM versions of the docs, mostly because they are lightweight (compared to PDF) and load fast (compared to Acrobat Reader, although Foxit reduces the advantage). I mention this because I found only "Page not found" content in these files! I first though they were corrupted, but I found out my PHP and JS references in same format had the same issue. I related that to the recent upgrade of my WinXP box to SP3, and indeed a page [1] gives various solutions, the "security update" one being the culprit.

I thought I could share my finding to avoid some confusion to other people...


Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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