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云帆江 wrote:
> is there any lib for jabber/xmpp just require socket and written by lua
> script code??

I don't know of a pure Lua one, but I hacked together some simple
bindings for libpurple, the instant messenger engine used by Pidgin. It
supports basically all instant messenger protocols, including Jabber.
(But is probably not suitable for raw XMPP.)

You can find it here as part of an experimental chatbot:

┌─── ───── ─────
│ ⍎'⎕',∊N⍴⊂S←'←⎕←(3=T)⋎M⋏2=T←⊃+/(V⌽"⊂M),(V⊝"M),(V,⌽V)⌽"(V,V←1⎺1)⊝"⊂M)'
│ --- Conway's Game Of Life, in one line of APL

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