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On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 11:32 AM, Jeff Wise <> wrote:
>>ff = 0x0C or ff = string.char(0x0C) ?
> ff is defined as 0x0C, i.e. "local ff = 0x0C".

Don't let your experience in assembly language be a handicap.  Reread
the Lua documentation, giving special attention to the value types.

As a start: strings are not bytes, much less numbers.  0x0C isn't a
string, nor a byte, it's a number.  If you want strings defined by the
hex ASCII codes, use string.char(n), as shown by Luiz.

Lua's autoconvertion won't do what you want, when you put a number
(like 0x0C == 12.0) where it needs a string, it will create a string
with a readable rendering of the number: "12".