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Yeah, I considered the binary as well...  but it didn't make a difference.  Got the exact same output.

Looking at this fine in a hex editor, I see some interesting stuff.  The file starts with FF EE, then begins with the standard characters.  Between every character is 00, which in the other window translates to just a square.  It appears that these 00's are every other character in the file.  I can't control how these files are written, but does knowing this tell someone what might be going on? 

for example

FF EE 58 00 30 00
??  ??  [   ??  0  ??

So every other character from then on is expected and is what I see in the file.  I just don't know the starting, or the 00 every other character. 

On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 6:29 AM, Tim Channon <> wrote:
Brian Sanders wrote:

> logfile ="system.log","r")

Maybe "rb" would help

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