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Fabio Mascarenhas schrieb:

> You can use pluto to serialize coroutines, and get multi-shot
> continuations (you have to serialize before resuming it, of course :-)
> ). 

Just for the sake of it: has somebody implemented this? Seaside and
Smalltalk-in-whole don't care for "memory". An average deployment image
in squeak has a memory footprint of ~ 30Mb on load and there are
hundreds of MB being used thereafter. So, even with Pluto serializing
"all possible states", I think Lua won't hit the same memory footprint
at all.

Even firing up Lua as CGI from apache, deserializing the state via
Pluto, taking advantage about the nearly-possible 1:1 lua-javascript
translation of scripts, it'll make an interesting framework for webapp
development - and might push kepler.