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Florian Weimer <> wrote:

> * Mildred Ki'Lya:
> > Le Sun 28/09/2008 __ 12:14 Miles Bader __ __crit:
> >> CC can be more problematic.  The CC license you [er, I mean, the
> >> original poster] are using is incompatible with the GNU GPL.
> >
> > Not only that, but this licence is far from an open source/free
> > software licence. If you care about this ideal, you might want to
> > change it. To be clear, when it will be released, it won't be free
> > software.
> Exactly, and there will be some distributions that will not include
> such software.

Which is *kind of* fine.  For distribution, I plan to package the
engine and some kind of installer.  The installer will be run on first
execution of the program and will automatically download the media
packs.  This should be okay, yes?

Either way, I'll talk to the other members of the team and see if they
won't consider distributing their work under the GPL.