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On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 9:39 AM, Kenneth Forsbäck
<> wrote:
> as its syntax makes it very easy to quickly see patterns and
> structure. With lua you actually have to read everything carefully, or
> you'll end up overlooking something or misreading, especially when your code
> turns very complex.
> Anyway, it's not really anything serious, as I mostly use lua for quick
> testing of code and ideas, calculations, etc. But even so, my code tend to
> get complex and long (ballistics and general physics), so I was just
> wondering whether someone had already invented the wheel.

Yes, it was a bored afternoon wheel-invention!  I'm personally
sympathetic (let a thousand variants bloom!) and if there's any call
for it, I'll release what I've already done - it does require the
token-filter patch however. Bear in mind that it does fairly
superficial processing, getting full C-like syntax (like more ugly
for-loops ;)) would be more challenging. But it's not a pre-processor,
code runs directly.

steve d.