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Idle 0.5 beta released

By far the most important change for this release is the inclusion of a
module (called gui) to create simple dialog-box-based GUIs, a GUI-based
interpreter frontend and an adapted compiler which fully supports
creating GUI executables. These components are stable but they are early
alpha versions. Documentation is currently quite limited, though the
release does include a few samples.

The GUI module supports two different styles of programming: a simple
procedural mode and a slightly more advanced mode where most of the GUI
elements (buttons, listboxes, edit fields etc) are mapped onto classes.

The following control elements are currently supported:
  * Static (mostly text)
  * Radiobuttons
  * Pushbuttons
  * Checkboxes
  * Input fields (one-line edit fields)
  * Edit fields (multi-line edit fields)
  * Richedit fields
  * Listboxes
  * Comboboxes
  * Datepickers
  * Listviews
  * Progressbars
  * Statusbars
  * Trackbars
  * Treeviews

Module gui also supports menus and accelerator tables, dragging and
dropping of files, common dialog boxes to choose fonts and to open or
save files and to select folders. It is certainly possible to include
further GUI elements (feedback is welcome); however, one design goal of
this module (as well as Idle overall) is to keep code size to a minimum.

There are no significant changes for the console-based Idle interpreter
or the Idle runtime DLL. For a later version of Idle I will incorporate
the GUI module into the Idle runtime DLL.

This version is released under an MIT-style licence. It is available for
systems running Windows 2000 and later. For details, documentation and
downloads see

cheers  thomasl